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We help European companies attract Chinese investors to take stake it their mother companies or to finance their projects; we also support Chinese companies to evaluate their investments in Europe and to undertake them.

Our services include:
  1.   Market analysis and feasibility analysis
  2.   Teaser or company/project description drafting in Chinese
  3.    Investors or strategic partner´s search according to pre-established criteria
  4.    Preliminary contact with investors to understand their interest
  5.    Negotiation support
  6.    Commercial terms revision of the agreement
  7.    Project coordination with other service suppliers like lawyers, auditors, etc.

Client Profile and Sectors

Sectors of specialization: Tourism-Hotel, Real Estate, F&B, Healthcare
This business line is targeted at Western and Chinese companies that have competitive advantages compared to their international counterparts, either in terms of brand awareness, technology level or commercial capabilities.

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