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In order to represent our client functioning as an extension of its international department in China, our methodology combines a perfect understanding of the client´s needs in Europe and a well coordinated execution with our team based in China. Our methodology is characterized by being an iterative process starting from a market plan jointly designed with the client, then execution of the plan, as well as the market feedback collection for regular revision of the plan and its re-adaptation according to the changing market environment.

Work to be done in Europe

Regular meetings between the management team of LW Advisers and the international team of the client in Spain to coordinate and manage the project, with the aim of:

  • Having a perfect understanding of the client´s needs
  • Correct transferring of the client´s ideas to the execution team in China
  • Having the objectives and next steps aligned
  • Know-how transferring of the Chinese market to the client
  • Smooth communication within the same time zone of the client

Work to be done in China

Design of a market introduction or expansion plan previously agreed with the client, plus its execution and supervision from our platforms in China and Asia, with the aim at:

  • Establishing relationships with distributors via regular visits and meetings
  • Control and supervision of their actions
  • Support whenever necessary
  • Market feedback reporting to the client, to be considered to the product localization or to readjusting the market strategy
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