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Link the World Advisers and Trappit sign agreement to access the Chinese travel market

Trappit, a business travel tech company, has recently signed an agreement with Link the World Advisers to access the Chinese travel market. The Spanish company is confident that the pandemic situation will gradually improve in the country.

Trappit’s activity is framed within the business travel sector, where they offer a tech solution to optimize corporate air travel costs. This is possible thanks to an innovative software that monitors airline ticket price changes in real time, between the time of purchase and the flight departure date, in search of cheaper tickets than those already purchased, thus providing customers cost savings.

Under this agreement, Link The World Advisers (LW Advisers) will be responsible for seeking business opportunities with Chinese travel agencies that handle a significant volume of business flights. Due to the dynamic nature of the Chinese market, strategic partnerships, and alliance opportunities with local partners in China may arise during the development of this project.

“We are their trusted advisor for the Chinese market entry strategy, and they will always go hand in hand with us in entering and expanding into that market,” comments Lisa Wang, founding partner at LW Advisers.

“Accessing the Chinese market through experts like LW Advisers is very important due to the cultural and corporate singularities that differentiate our countries and where LW Advisers has a great deal of experience,” comments Angel G. Maroto, CEO and Managing Director of Trappit. LW Advisers will manage both the initial approaches and client relationship maintenance in the right direction to ensure the utmost success in the Chinese market.

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